Union of Public Services - About us

The Public Service Union Austria (GÖD) is the second largest Trade Union within the Austrian Trade Union Federation (ÖGB). Membership consistently grows, with currently more than 240.000 members.

The non-partisan union is built on the principles of democracy and solidarity. It has set itself the objective to represent the interests of all employees in the public service sector in the most effective way and to support their individual and collective concerns. Most importantly, the Public Service Union acts as ears and spokesperson towards political and administrative parties. Pushing reforms in order to adapt to innovations and new challenges calls for task flexibility. Public servants provide essential services for the citizens and employees in this country, as clearly stated in the Public Service Union´s motto, which is “Our Country in Good Hands”.

Looking at the organisational structure, the Public Service Union is represented by 12 executive committee members and 14 board members. The main office is located in Vienna`s first district where all different divisions and departments with about 90 employees are located. They execute financial, administrative, legal and all other tasks to ensure the successful representation and support of all members and employees in the public service of the Republic of Austria.

  1. National Administration
  2. Economic Administration
  3. Educational Administration
  4. Justice
  5. Finance
  6. Agriculture, Forestry, Environmental Economics and Water Management
  7. Labour – Social Issues – Health
  8. Provincial Administration
  9. Health Union
  10. Teachers at Compulsory Schools
  11. Teachers at Secondary (Grammar) Schools
  12. Vocational School Teachers
  13. University Union for Scientific and Artistic Personnel
  14. Teachers at Middle and Higher Vocational Schools
  15. Police Union
  16. University Union for University Personnel
  17. Postal and Telecommunication Administration
  18. Civil Servants in Correctional Service
  19. Special Emergency Prison Task Force Union
  20. Governmental Departments and Institutes
  21. Public chambers and entities
  22. Retirees
  23. Judges and Federal Prosecutors
  24. Public Construction Services
  25. Federal Army Union
  26. Employment Service
  27. Teachers at Agricultural Schools


The Public Service Union regularly publishes folders to inform its members about special topics such as maternity leave or collective bargaining agreements. 8 – 9 times a year the journal “GÖD Magazine” is published, informing all members about activities, news, legislative changes, hot topics and much more. Once a year the yearbook “Jahrbuch” is released, which is an updated collection of relevant regulations and can be ordered by every member free of charge.

Becoming a member of the Public Service Union Austria is possible for employees in the public service of Austria (please see the list of federal representations above).

The membership fee depends on the income of a person and can be automatically deducted from the monthly salary.

The regular membership fee is 1% of gross wage (currently capped at Euro 24.31) and retirees are obliged to deduct 0.5% of their gross pension (currently capped at Euro 10.34). The fee for pupils, apprentices and recruits in training is Euro 1.10 and students, unemployed or people who are absent from work due to reasons like educational leave have to pay Euro 1.80 to benefit from the wide range of services.

Public Service Union members are entitled to legal advice and legal representation in court. This benefit is one of the most valuable services for members. Public services law bargaining and annual wage and salary bargaining are the core businesses of the Union. Members also appreciate the many other benefits such as cheaper shopping or leisure time offers, financial benefits or special training courses.

  • Legal protection, law representation and legislative texts
  • Service Law and Collective Labour Contracts
  • Information about Work Councils
  • Salary Scales and Pay Groups
  • Financial Support and services
  • Representation of Women in Public Services
  • Services for youth and sports
  • Discounts for theatre and concert tickets
  • GÖD Card – shopping offers
  • Trainings and courses
  • Downloads (Brochures, magazines etc.)
  • Hotels
  • Consulting in case of workplace harassment
  • Picture gallery
  • Living and housing cooperative company

Details available in German: goed.at/service

Teinfaltstraße 7
1010 Wien

Phone: 01 - 53 454
Fax.: 01 - 53 454 - 207

E-Mail: goed@goed.at